Cliverton liability and property damage schemes

Immediately secure or make your property safe.

Report immediately to the police any item lost, or any theft or malicious damage and obtain a Crime Reference Report.

In the event of a property damage claim in relation to an animal trade, boarding kennel or specialist “scheme” policy, you must notify your Cliverton account executive within 7 days and ensure that a completed claim form is forwarded to the insurer within 30 days.

If a claim is likely to exceed £2,000, insurers may wish to appoint a Loss Adjuster, in which case your Cliverton account executive can provide advice on procedure.

Two estimates are required for any works or replacement items.

Insurance claims are settled at the insurer’s option either by replacement, reinstatement, repair or payment. Salvage then belongs to the insurance company.

Regarding liability or vet fee claims, it is essential that any potential claims are notified to Cliverton immediately and all correspondence is promptly forwarded to your Cliverton account executive.

You should not enter into correspondence with a claimant or solicitor, although you may acknowledge receipt of a claim and pass on Cliverton’s contact details.

Do not admit liability or make any offer of payment.

In certain circumstances we may have authority from the insurer to settle insurance claims on their behalf. In doing so we will act as their agent. We will advise you should this arise and we have procedures in place to manage any conflict of interest which may result.

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