• £5,000,000 standard limit for public liability
  • Public display flying on your own premises or off site.
  • Static displays on and off site
  • Lectures and educational displays on and off site
  • Handling of the birds by the public
  • Hawking and hunting days
  • Catering, refreshment and shop sales including pet foods and accessories

Which of these do I need?

Public/products liability
£5,000,000 (£10,000,000 available at additional cost)

Employer’s liability

Insurance for falconry
Insurance for falconry clubs

Insurance for falconry centres

Insurance for falconry display and visitor centres including flying of falcons for private, commercial or display purposes.

Public liability insurance can be provided for activities including: In addition, cover can be arranged for other rural activities such as, for example, archery.

Bird proofing and pest control cover

Insurance cover may be extended to include the use of guns, bangers and scare crows for bird deterrence. Bird proofing, netting and clearing bird’s nests can be insured, together with the use of chemicals for the control of insects.

Please see the commercial insurance section for details of our bespoke pest control insurance policy, which can include the use of falcons. This gives a wider scope of cover than is available on our falconry policy.

Work at height cover

The standard policy that Cliverton recommends covers work at heights of up to 20 metres. Bird proofing and pest control on buildings may result in work in excess of this height, including work from cherry-pickers, cradles and rope access. Separate insurance can be arranged to cover these activities.

Insurance for falconry clubs

Public liability cover can be arranged for falconry clubs, including member to member liability, and for private flying of falcons by club members. Shows, displays and fund-raising events may also be included.

Property damage cover

We are able to arrange insurance for buildings, contents, tools, equipment, stock and other property used in association with your falconry business.

Fire and theft cover is available for birds whilst located on your premises, and we can also offer full mortality cover whilst in transit (including overseas).

Business interruption cover may be added, in order to protect your income following damage by an insured peril.

Policy Excesses

Public Liability
-Third party injury - Nil
-Third party property damage - £100

Products Liability - Nil

Employers Liability - Nil

Property Damage - £100

Business Interruption - Nil

To arrange your insurance policy

Either click on the quick-quote link above, complete your details and we will send you an insurance quotation, or contact the Cliverton office to discuss your requirements in greater detail.

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