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Unique specialist schemes exclusive to Cliverton.

By specialising in selected classes of insurance, Cliverton has developed relationships with insurers which enable us to arrange specialist insurance cover for risks which have, traditionally, proved difficult to place. Most of our business is arranged through unique schemes with insurance companies, which are exclusive to Cliverton.

We constantly monitor our competitors to ensure our products are up-to-date and competitively priced, and work to develop insurance policies that meet our clients’ needs. We constantly negotiate with our insurers for enhancements in cover to provide our clients with the most comprehensive policies.

Cliverton are insurance brokers and not insurers, we place insurance under binding authorities with certain underwriters. We have authority to accept insurance risks on their behalf and this means we act as both agent for the insurer and the insured. We believe that the polices we provide are the most suitable for the requirements of the insured, we only approach one insurer on your behalf.

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