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Are you prepared for flooding?

24th February 2020

Over the past few years flooding within the UK has become a more regular occurrence and one that can happen very quickly, with some rivers and water ways raising by up to 5 meters within 24 hours. With more extreme weather events predicted in the coming years flooding could become the norm for parts of the UK. The environment agency has issued some handy tips and hints should there be a risk of flooding in your area.

You can follow this link to check if there are any flood warnings in your area. Click Here.

The Environment Agency has information on their website gives advice on what to do if you have flood warnings in your area –


  • prepare a bag that includes any medicines and insurance documents
  •  Visit
  • Planning on how to respond should your area be subject to a flood warning. The advice is to plan in advance by  Creating a personal flood plan


  • Turn off gas, water and electricity
  • Move things upstairs for safety
  • Move family, pets and car to safety


  • Call 999 if you are in immediate danger
  • Follow advice from emergency services
  • Keep yourself and your family safe.


To View the Environment Agency’s site for flood information please click here 



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