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Coronavirus and your business

9th March 2020

Understandably the Worldwide outbreak of the Coronavirus disease (now known as COVID-19) is of a great concern to those running businesses.

Whether you run a limited company, a small commercial business or you are a sole trader assessing your current insurance policies in the wake of the outbreak, it is worthwhile to enquire whether a Legal Expenses policy could prove beneficial.

Alongside public liability policies, we are able to provide a bespoke Legal Expenses policy designed with our customers in mind. The aim of the policy is to provide additional support and information to protect businesses against unexpected legal costs.

The policy, which is provided by Markel Law provides the policy holder with a token code, valid for 12 months, that allows exclusive access to the online Law hub. The legal information service provides a wealth of pre written contracts, letters and policies all created by expert solicitors.

Legislation is ever changing, not to mention global concerns, such as COVID-19 and it can be difficult for business owners to sustain the information needed to run a business in line with these constant changes.

Taking this into account, the Legal Expenses policy also provides guidance with any employment disputes and offers up to £100,000 of legal representation.

This addition which is only available alongside a public liability policy, costs just £38.60 for the year. If you wish to discuss whether Legal expenses could be useful for your business then please do give our office a call on 01328 857921.

If you currently have a Legal Expenses policy and wish to discuss any aspect of your policy, you can access the online hub using your policy number and token code or give the Legal Advice line a call.


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