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Crufts – A True Celebration of Man’s Best Friend

8th March 2019

With an estimated 27,000 participants expected to attend, anticipation is building for this year’s annual crufts event which takes place between the 7th -10th March at Birmingham NEC arena.

Whether you are a commercial business, sole trader or in charge of a limited company within the animal related sector, the run up to crufts can bring a boost to a variety of trades.

Crufts is historically a display of the best of the best which means the demand for Dog Groomers is especially high. The preparation in the run up to Crufts requires much more than just a visit to the salon a week before.

The dog’s coats are generally grown to the right length months before the final groom and if you are lucky enough to be the dog groomer in charge of preening prized pooches prior to the big event it could provide additional advertising for your business.

With such a wide variety of breeds attending the event, grooming of the animals isn’t all a cloud of soap suds and blow drying, but more a conditioning dependent on breed. Most owners will have tested the right products to bring out the best in their dogs months before the show. The dogs will have knots brushed out, nails clipped, teeth cleaned and a fresh haircut ready for the arena.

Dog Groomers might get the glamour in the lead up to the show, but it’s the Dog Trainers that go through the blood, sweat and tears in the months, even years before the show. Basic obedience training is a must, regardless of the category of breed the dogs will know how to follow basic commands and sitting and walking to heel.

Training in the arena is not just chasing a ball and giving the dog a good exercise work out, it takes time and skill to get a dog trained to Crufts standard. Of course we have seen the best of clips which show even the most well behaved dogs getting a bit confused around the agility course although entertaining; this will not win any prizes. However for the well behaved dogs that can follow instructions the rewards are worth it for the canines and trainers alike.

One trade that may reap rewards from the Crufts influx are Pet Minders, with the lucky participating dogs travelling to the shows with their trainers, groomers or owners in tow, what happens to the non-participating animals over the Crufts period?

Most owners will have more than one pet and Pet Minders often find an increase in their business, and in addition being asked to visit the homes of pet owners to ensure the animals are let out and fed and generally well looked after in their owners absence. Potentially as a Pet Minder you may even be asked to attend Crufts and provide a dog sitting service for participating dogs whilst they have some much needed down time between competitions.

If you run an animal related business and wish to check your existing cover or find the Crufts effect has encouraged you to start up a new business venture then please give us a call for assistance.


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