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Crufts – This is the Greatest Dog Show

5th March 2020

It’s that time of the year again, the world’s greatest dog show arrives at the NEC Birmingham from 5th -8th March this year and it guarantees to be bigger and better than ever.

Accordingly to the Crufts official website, over 166,000 visitors attended Crufts last year with a whopping 81% of visitors owning a dog.

Two of the visitors attending this year as dog lovers, will be Cliverton Managing Director Mark Briggs and account handler Lynne Fisher who are looking forward to a day watching displays, meeting our customers and forging new acquaintances.

The run up to crufts can bring a much needed boost to a variety of trades, from Dog Groomers, Dog Trainers and Pet Minders.

Dog Breeders start the process, putting their blood, sweat and tears into rearing healthy puppies, from pure bred pooches to mixed breed mutts and with the increased change in legislation for domestic breeders, it is worth considering insurance implications surrounding breeding activities.

With Crufts historically being a display of the best of the best, the demand for Dog Groomers is especially high this time of the year.

With such a wide variety of breeds attending the event, grooming of the animals isn’t all a cloud of soap suds and blow drying, but more a conditioning dependent on breed. Dogs will be de- knotted, Nails clipped, freshly trimmed and teeth cleaned so they are gleaming for their time in the arena.

Of course the run up to Crufts is not all about glamour, especially if you are a Dog Trainer tasked with training a Crufts dog from scratch. Basic obedience training is always a must, regardless of the category of breed the dogs will know how to follow basic commands and sitting and walking to heel.

It takes an incredible amount of time, skill and patience to train a pooch to show standard. Whether you have a rowdy dog who entertains the crowd with their bad behaviour or an impeccably trained show stopper, a dog trainer and indeed owners work, is never done.

So if you find the excitement of Crufts has inspired you to start up a new business or you are looking to check your existing cover then please do give us a call for assistance.


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