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Debunking the common myths about pests

18th January 2022

Did you know myths were originally created by ancient civilisations to help them understand the mysteries of life?

Thanks to scientific research and information readily available on the internet and in books, we no longer have to come up with our own explanations as to why things occur. Nor do we have to take the word of others as gospel.

When it comes to pests, false information can prove problematic, not only for homeowners and their families but for pest control businesses too so it is imperative to know your facts.

Here, we look at the most popular myths about pests – and what’s really true.

MYTH ONE: Clean houses are pest-free

Just like the myth of headlice preferring dirty hair, pests are also non-discriminatory when it comes to house cleanliness.

As long as a house offers shelter, a nesting site, and food and water, insect and rodents aren’t fussy about where they invade.

MYTH TWO: Cheese is the best food to catch mice

We may have grown up believing a mouse’s favourite food was a lump of cheddar but in reality, they actually prefer sweeter treats.

If you’re looking to use bait to catch a mouse, fruit and berries will work better as this is what they tend to consume while out in the wild.

MYTH THREE: Bees can only sting once

When a honeybee stings someone or something, it cannot pull the stinger back out, leaving behind not only the stinger but part of its body too, killing the bee.

However, it’s a common myth that all bees do the same. All other bees and wasps can remove their stinger and sting multiple times throughout their lifespan.

MYTH FOUR: Bedbugs only come out in the dark

“Night night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite” put the fear amongst children everywhere when going to bed. But it’s not just nighttime when they come out.

Although they prefer the dark, bedbugs can bite during the day too, so leaving your light on or working nights won’t keep them away.

MYTH FIVE: Cats protect houses from rodents
Contrary to popular belief, cats aren’t the best way of preventing pests.

Domesticated felines don’t have to find their own food, so rather than getting rid of the pest problem, they’re far more likely to play with the mouse or insect instead.

Their fur is also a carrier for pests so they could even bring pests inside the home.

MYTH SIX: Mice don’t have any bones

We can see why this is a popular belief as mice seem to be able to squeeze into the smallest of places, but it’s not actually true.

Mice know intuitively that if they stick their head in a hole and it fits, their body will follow with no issues. This is due to their skull being their largest feature – although it may not look like it due to the fur covering their body!

MYTH SEVEN: Pests will go away eventually

As much as we’d like for this one to be true, if you’ve got a pest problem, it’s likely they’ve settled in for the long-term and aren’t likely to be moving on anytime soon.

Get in touch with a professional pest control business who can help get rid of these insects or rodents.



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