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24th April 2020


We are, and have been for a number of years, one of the leading insurance brokers for a large number of kennels and catteries in the UK and have a specially designed wording which is underwritten by MS Amlin, the insurance company, who are responsible for deciding if there is a valid claim and if so for paying it. MS Amlin use a company called Davies Group to manage these claims on their behalf.

As you would expect, when the Covid-19 virus hit a large number of you wanted to know if there was cover under your policies. Understandably it took a little while for MS Amlin to respond to our requests for confirmation or otherwise of cover under the policy so that we could inform you. As soon as we heard back from MS Amlin and received their confirmation that cover would apply if there was a valid claim we passed this on and advised those of you wishing to submit a claim to do so in the usual way.

Subsequently a number of you submitted claims to Davies Group and it is our understanding that, given the challenging environment, many of you have yet to hear the outcome of the claims submitted, while MS Amlin thoroughly assesses each individual claim. As your insurance broker we will continue to do all we can to support you at this difficult time including chasing various parties for a speedy response on these claims.

We recently received an update from MS Amlin apologising for the delay and again confirming that through the Davies Group and themselves they are committed to investigate each claim carefully on a case by case basis and will meet all valid claims as quickly as possible during these difficult and extraordinary times.



We appreciate that with the number of parties involved it can be confusing to know who is responsible for what. Please see below for an explanation:

CLIVERTON – we are your insurance broker and administer your policy including taking new cover instructions, making mid-term amendments and cancellations, offering and confirming renewal instructions, collecting all premiums/adjustments and issuing all documentation.

WE HOLD NO CLAIMS HANDLING AUTHORITY on behalf of your insurer.

We are here to help and support all our customers as much as possible including assisting in matters relating to claims submitted, chasing documentation and decisions, responding to queries raised by any interested party and achieving positive outcomes where possible.

Contacts:          Email:

Phone:  01328 857921


MS AMLIN – they are your insurance company. Ultimately, they pay the claims and make all decisions on whether their policy will pay out in any given scenario. They have been the capacity behind our Kennels & Cattery facility for many years. The underwriting staff that control our scheme are based in Chelmsford, Essex although their UK head office is London.

Head Office:     0207 746 1000   (more key contacts on their website )


DAVIES GROUP – they are a Third Party Administrator (TPA), an organisation that processes insurance claims for another, MS Amlin in this case. They handle all aspects of the claims process and refer to MS Amlin for guidance where claims do not fit their delegated authority or may fall outside policy cover. They appoint loss adjusters or other market specialist companies to investigate and report back on claims. They also appoint contractors and key suppliers in the fulfilment of any claim.

All new claims should be reported directly to them on 01245 396339

All queries relating to existing property & business interruption claims should call 0344 856 2370



We are currently creating a list of the websites of agencies and others that may be able to provide valuable information and suggestions to help businesses navigate this difficult period during the country wide lock down and restriction of movement for the vast majority of individuals and businesses.


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