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Cliverton 2021 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

29th December 2021

We’re pleased to advise that our end of year customer survey results are now in.  Thank you to all of our customers for completing our surveys and providing us with their honest feedback.  Once again we can announce extremely positive results.  The key highlights are outlined below:

New Customers

• TCF is 98%

• NPS is 86

• Overall satisfaction, Net Promoter Score & Treating Customers Fairly have been consistently high over the last 3 years.

• Very high levels of satisfaction. 99% New Business clients are satisfied

•Many positive comments made throughout the survey about the service received from staff.

• Many mention cover, friendly, helpful and easy as reasons for being satisfied with the service from Cliverton.

• The Cliverton brand is strongly associated with being a specialist broker.

First Year Renewals

• Over the last 2 years satisfaction, Net Promoter Score and Treating Customers Fairly  is extremely high.

• TCF is 100%.

• NPS has increased since 2020 and now at a very high level of 91.

•Professional / reliable as well as level of cover and positive staff attitude are also the main reasons for purchasing insurance with Cliverton in 2021.

• All First Year Renewals are satisfied with the service overall

• Helpful, efficient, friendly, professional service and cover are reasons mentioned for satisfaction with the service.


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