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PEN Underwriting Home Insurance Claims Notifications

21st March 2022

We are pleased to announce that Davies Group, who handle our customers Household claims on behalf of PEN Underwriting, have created a new method of claims notification as an alternative to telephoning them.  The following statement has been released by Davies:-

“In view of the various Storm Events sweeping the Country at the moment, we wanted to reach out to you to provide details of our claims ENOL (Electronic Notification of Loss) platform. This has been discussed and approved by Pen.

Benefits of the product :
• Allows people to submit a non-urgent loss at any time of the day or night 24/7, 365 days a year
• Allows people who work shifts an alternative way of contact for new claim notification
• Is a user friendly, dynamic question set which ensures we get all of the key information we need to progress the claim straight away, without the need for an additional outbound call to obtain more information, thus reducing the claims timeline
• It sets expectations around time to contact and emails an acknowledgement of their claim notification being received safely

Storms Dudley and Eunice were anticipated to be one of the worst storm events to hit the UK in 15 years and so, we are looking at maximising our claims teams ability to service claims, by offering an alternate way of logging a new claim, as it is expected that our Telephone Lines will be much busier than usual, and our response times to emails slower.

We are offering ENOL as an alternate way of logging a claim, and is completely optional. The usual claim routes via telephone/email are both still available as I say.

The URL for our ENOL platform:


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