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Valentine’s Day – a day for all of our Furr-vourites….

12th February 2021

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and whilst some of us do not like the idea of buying into such a commercial holiday, it is estimated that us generous Brits have over the last 7 years spent up to £30 million collectively on treats for our loved ones.

This year will be different of course, we’re in a National Lockdown meaning romantic meals for two by candlelight in a pub/restaurant is a big no no. No cinema dates or romantic trips either. Instead many will be opting for a cosy meal for two at home, which is great news for our pets because they will no doubt get a starring role in the celebrations.

Previous research has shown that one in five of us treat our pets on Valentine’s Day, with the average spend per pet being roughly £5. That’s a nice bottle of pawsecco for our furry friends, maybe even a juicy steak for the real pampered of our pooches.

It is worth noting as with all celebrations in the year that some of our favourite snacks are not the best for our best friends:

Sweet Treats/Chocolate:
Whilst chocolate hearts and sweet desserts are one of our most popular gifts, your pets will not appreciate these, especially as chocolate is often poisonous for dogs.
Instead, treat them to some pet choccy drops or even some pet friendly ice cream if you are really feeling like splashing out!

Savoury Foods:
Onions, chives, shallots and garlic all contain substances that can have a severe impact on animals’ digestive systems and red blood cells and should be avoided at all costs.
Blue cheese is especially dangerous to dogs, so whilst the stilton soup for starter may sound appealing, best to not serve up any extra for your beloved pooch.

It goes without saying that alcohol is significantly more toxic to our delicate pets than it is to humans and the symptoms of alcohol poisoning in animals are very similar to those of chocolate poisoning. As previously mentioned there are plenty of sparkling alternatives available for the most beloved of our pets, although offering it up in a champagne glass is not recommended.

We hope you enjoy spending the time with your nearest and dearest, whether it’s a cuddle with your partner, spouse, family or any of the pets that make us so happy, Valentine’s Day is a day of tradition and treating ourselves/each other to whatever our hearts desire for the day.

We are proud to share a selection of our beloved pets and we would absolutely love to see yours too! Love hearts and props optional of course, but most welcomed.


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