• £5,000,000 standard limit for public liability
  • Dogs can be exercised off lead
  • Pet minding
  • Home boarding & house sitting
  • Farm animals and horses
  • Collection and delivery/pet taxi

Which of these do I need?

Public liability
£5,000,000 (£10,000,000 available at additional cost)

Liability to animals in your care, custody, or control
£25,000 any one event

Non-negligent cover
£25,000 any one event

Loss of keys & replacement locks
£10,000 any one event

Employers liability

Insurance for dog walkers
Insurance for pet sitters and house sitting
Insurance for pet taxis

Dog walking insurance cover

We are able to provide public liability insurance for dog walkers, including exercise of dogs off the lead (where the owner’s written instructions to exercise off-lead have been received). The maximum number of dogs under your control at any one time is set at 6 to allow you the maximum flexibility to run your dog walking business as you consider appropriate.

Employers' liability insurance can be arranged for paid or unpaid helpers, and for dog walkers to whom you sub-contract business.

Pet sitting insurance cover

It has previously been difficult to arrange public liability insurance on a single policy for pet sitters who also carry out incidental house-sitting, and many pet sitter insurance policies preclude you from boarding pets over night in your own home. Our product can include both of these activities, and it can also include Employers' liability insurance if you have any paid or unpaid helpers.

Cover includes collection and delivery of minded pets and liability to animals in your care, custody or control. A maximum number of 6 dogs or 6 cats or 30 small domestic pets can be cared for at any one time.

Where pet sitters, pet walkers or house sitters are given access to their customers property, there is the possibility that keys will be lost, resulting in the need to replace locks. The cost of replacement locks can be insured, up to £10,000 for any one event.

House sitting insurance cover

This extension covers public liability in respect of over night stays in your customer’s house, and it includes property in your care, custody or control. Occasional house sitting where no pets are involved can be included, so long as your principal business activity is pet sitting.

Insurance cover for farm animals and horses

Whilst not intended to cover commercial herds, the Cliverton insurance policy can be extended to include the temporary care of horses, poultry and small numbers of farm animals kept in a domestic environment. Please note that riding and excercising horses is excluded (including lunging), although these activities can be covered on a specialist equestrian liability policy. Please see our equestrian section for further details.

Pet taxis and pet re-location insurance

The Cliverton policy can also provide insurance for pet taxis, pet-to-vet services and pet re-location (including overseas, but you must contact our office if you want cover outside the UK). Through a separate insurance policy, we can arrange full mortality cover, on behalf of your customer, for animals in transit within the United Kingdom or overseas, providing door to door protection for their animals.

Non-negligent cover

Your policy will include non-negligent cover. This is provided free of charge and the effect is to add insurance where your customers suffer a loss, due to accidental injury, straying or theft of their pet, while you are looking after it, but where you are not under a legal liability to pay compensation.

The benefits are

  1. Veterinary fees incurred following accidental injury to an animal in your care, custody or control;
  2. Accidental death of an animal in your care, custody or control, resulting from injury;
  3. Loss of an animal in your care, custody or control resulting from theft or straying and where the animal is not found or returned within seven days.

The maximum amount payable is £25,000 any one incident, and claims are subject to an excess of £50.

Property damage cover

We are able to arrange insurance for commercial buildings, contents, tools, equipment, stock and other property used in association with your pet minding business.

Fire and theft cover is available for domestic animals whilst located on your premises (excluding horses and farm animals).

Business interruption cover may be added, in order to protect your income following damage by an insured peril.

Please contact Cliverton for further details

Household insurance cover

Where you run a business from home, you must inform your household insurer and restrictions in cover may be imposed on you. Failure to inform your insurer may invalidate your insurance policy. With this in mind we have arranged a household policy that covers owners who run a business from home, subject only to the Public Liability cover for the business being arranged on a separate policy.

Please see our household insurance section for further details.

Policy Excesses

Public Liability
-Third party property damage - £100
-Third party injury - Nil

Care, Custody & Control - £50

Non-negligent - £50

Loss of Keys - Nil

Employers Liability - Nil

To arrange your insurance policy

Either complete the following screens and buy on-line, or contact the Cliverton office for an insurance quotation.

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