Equestrian Business Insurance

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Equestrian Business Insurance

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We have policies available which can be tailored to suit your business whether it is a commercial riding school, private yard, livery yard or equine assisted therapy. We can also arrange to insure pony parties, rides at fetes and parties etc.

If you require cover for the stable buildings, tools, machinery, tack or horseboxes, would like insurance for your own pleasure horses or maybe you have the next Olympic Champion, Derby Winner or esteemed hunter  in your yard, we can also arrange cover via other areas of the company just give us a call to advise your requirements and we will put you in touch with the relevant team.

This policy suitable for people and businesses who wish to cover their liability to the public while carrying out their equestrian business activities from which they receive a form of income.

What’s included?
  • Public Liability £10,000,000
  • Products Liability £10,000,000
  • Employers’ Liability £10,000,000
  • Care, custody & control £5,000, 10,000, £25,000 or £50,000 (maximum value of any one horse)
  • Property/buildings
  • Legal Expenses (separate policy)
  • Public Liability £10,000,000
  • Products Liability £10,000,000
  • Employers’ Liability £10,000,000
  • Care, custody & control £5,000, 10,000, £25,000 or £50,000 (maximum value of any one horse)
  • Property/buildings
  • Legal Expenses (separate policy)


What can we cover?

  • Pony Parties / Rides at Fetes

Where your own ponies are taken off site to provide rides of no more than 10 minutes at parties, fetes, fairs or for petting and grooming. We are also able to arrange cover should you operate the parties from your own premises.

  • Livery Yards

Where livery facilities are offered to by you to your clients, whether they be grass, part or full livery.

  • Licensed Riding Schools

Where you are licensed by your local authority and operate under the Riding Establishments Act to provide lessons to clients on your horses or those on a working livery.

Please note that this policy cannot provide cover for trekking centres

  • Equine Assisted Therapy Centres

The use of horses to assist with the therapy of children and adults dealing with communication, learning or behavioural issues. Can include riding, groundwork or observation only.

  • Rescue Centres

Where you operate on a rescue basis, where horses are nursed back to health and re homed or kept at the yard for the remainder of their life.

  • Equine Massage Therapists

Massage of horses by hand only, non-invasive treatments or p physiotherapy / chiropractic treatments.

  • Riding Clubs

For clubs where public liability cover is required for organised events for members and non-members, including social and fundraising activities

  • Cross Country Courses – training & schooling only

Where you hire the course out to people for schooling and training purposes only.

  • Horse Transporters

Where you use your own vehicle to transport other people’s horses under an operators’ licence.

  • One-Off Unaffiliated / Charity Horse Shows

Where you run a one-off show and cover is required for any incidents that happen on the day for which you could be held responsible.

  • Private Pleasure Horse

We are able to arrange separate policies where you own a horse or have a horse on loan and require cover in the event of the death of the horse, vet fees, personal accident, tack, public liability, trailers and loss of use.

Public Liability

This covers claims arising from the actions of you or an employee which results in injury to a third-party or damage to their property. The standard limit of cover is £10,000,000.

Products Liability

We will arrange cover for you should a claim arise caused by products which you have supplied to your client. This may be hay, bedding or feed, but must have been bought in the manufacturer’s own packaging.

This is included as part of the public liability cover.  Please note that this is not cover for retail sales where you sell products.

Employers’ Liability (optional extra)

Where you have either paid, voluntary or self-employed helpers, this will cover them should they sustain an injury whilst working for you in connection with your business.

Care, Custody & Control (optional extra)

Provides cover for any claims made against you for either the injury, illness or death of a horse whist in your care, custody or control up to a selected maximum value for any one horse.

The choices of cover are £5,000, £10,000, £25,000 or £50,000.

Freelance grooms and instructors automatically have £10,000 of cover for any one horse under their policies.

Legal Expenses (separate policy)

This separate policy will provide you with cover in addition to the public liability for legal matters associated with the running of your business, such as employment disputes.

What’s not included?

  • Trekking Centres
  • Businesses where driving is the main activity
  • Any activity outside of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands


  • Third-party injury – Nil
  • Third-party property damage – £500
  • Employers’ liability – Nil
  • Products liability – Nil
  • Care, custody & control – £500
  • Property/buildings – £250
  • Other equipment – £100

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