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Doing our bit

Our charity work.

Cliverton’s charity goes further

As part of the Benefact Group, which gives all available profits to charity and good causes, Cliverton is able to support so many deserving charities - including animal welfare, rescue and rare breeds.

As a group, we reached a milestone of £100m donated in 2022, with our next target set as £250m.

£250 million target

Cliverton team member Jessica, who was a volunteer for World Horse Welfare, explains:

“World Horse Welfare works with some extremely poorly and abused animals in the UK and abroad. Specialist grooms and volunteers work on their rehabilitation and ensure they receive the best care, until they can be re-homed.

Abroad, they focus on educating owners on the best way to care for their animals, especially those who rely on their animals for their family income.”

Cliverton team member says:

“I have struggled with diabetes for a few years, as has my brother-in-law, with not a lot of help in coping and knowing how to manage injections and medication. I feel that donating to a local charity will provide help for people like me who are struggling as well as families with diabetic children who have never had to deal with diabetes before.

Learning about the illness is the best way to help others and that’s why I have chosen this charity.”

One of our team members explains:

“My sister attends About with Friends on a regular basis. She was born with a hole in her heart and had to have major open-heart surgery as a very small baby. She suffered brain damage, affecting her short-term memory and she also has autistic traits. She cannot live the same life that most of us are very lucky to have. About With Friends offers a taste of 'normal' for those with learning difficulties in North Norfolk, with everything from ‘Movie Nights’, days out and holidays to provide special experiences most of them would never normally have. From my own experience, they offer a vital service to parents and carers, and critical respite from the daily struggles of having someone close to you with learning difficulties.”

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