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Falconry and raptor displays insurance

We swoop in when accidents happen
(monthly payment options available)

Cover as unique as your business

Worried about accidents that could ruffle your feathers? Falconry and raptor display insurance has got you covered so you can focus more on giving a memorable performance and less on fretting about the unexpected.


Flying high with falconry and raptor insurance

From public handling and displays to wedding ring deliveries, we know you want to share your passion for these magnificent birds with the world. But with all the excitement, there's a chance things can go a bit off course.

That's why we're here to make sure that you can continue doing what you love, without worrying about the unexpected.

With over 50 years’ experience, we’ve provided falconry insurance to various businesses across the UK, helping to keep your business soaring by protecting you, your assets and the general public.

Policy information

This insurance policy is suitable for people and businesses who are looking to cover their liability to the public whilst providing falconry services, including flying displays. It is not suitable for people wishing to cover private pleasure flying of their birds or veterinary costs in relation to the birds.

What insurance do I need?
What is covered?
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“Cliverton are in my mind the best animal business insurance out there!
An amazingly fast and seamless service.”
Helen Locket

Meet Jo, Account Handler, Kennel & Cattery Team

I joined the Cliverton family 6 years ago and work in the Kennel and Cattery Team (which I love!) We all share the same passion here to help animals (and their owners!).

Outside work, life mainly revolves around the multitude of rescue animals that have shared our home over the years. Current residents include two naughty Jack Russells, a contented ex feral cat, a Houdini hamster, two chinchillas in their senior years, a budgie and two elusive pond fish. The door is always open! I also enjoy running to fundraise for various charities and have just begun open water swimming.

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