Animal Trades

Can I walk more than 6 dogs?

No. Our policy will only cover you to walk a maximum of 6 dogs together at any one time. This includes any of your own pets.

Can I walk dogs off Lead?

Yes providing you are comfortable doing so. We also require you to get the owners written consent.

What is a DWAA animal?

This is any animal which is listed under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act. Owners of these animals will require a license to be able to keep them legally as a pet. Please note that our policy excludes the minding of any animal which appears on the DWAA schedule. If in doubt, please either contact our office on 01328 857921 or check the schedule of animals at

I am not a business do I need insurance?

If you provide any service in exchange for payment, you are acting as a business. Although Public Liability insurance is not a legal requirement, it is recommended that you have this cover because you can be held personally liable for causing any damage or injury during the course of your business activities.

What happens if an animal in my care damages my property?

This would not be covered under your liability insurance. It may be worth checking whether it is covered under your household insurance. We recommend that you inform your home or contents insurer that you are running a business from home, as it could invalidate your insurance if they aren’t aware of this.

I have been asked to work with a dog which is classed as a banned breed. What should I do?

We may be able to cover this, however, we recommend that you contact us on 01328 857921 so that we can discuss this with you

What does a banned breed of dog mean?

Under the dangerous dogs act 1991 four breeds of dog are illegal to own, breed from, abandon or sell. They are the Pit Bull terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and the Fila Brasileiro. People can obtain exemption from the courts to be able to keep one of these dogs as a pet. If they are successful the dog will then be registered on the Index of Exempted Dogs (IED).