Renewals & Existing Policies

Please see below for the most frequently asked questions we get relating to existing policies and renewals. If you can't find the answer to your question please call our office on 01328 857921 or submit the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page.

Am I covered if I get injured?

No, but if you should require cover for this, we are able to add personal accident cover whilst you are working to your policy for an additional premium.

Do I need to tell you if I move?

Yes - you can do this by calling the office on 01328 857921 or by emailing and including your name and policy number. It is free to change your address with us, if we do not have your up-to date details we will be unable to send you your renewal terms.

How do I cancel my policy?

You can do this by contacting the office on 01328 857921 or by sending an email to including your name and your policy number.

What is not covered?

Unfortunately, as every case is different, it is not possible to list everything you are not covered for. If a situation arises and you are unsure whether your policy covers you or not, please call us on 01328 857921 or send an email to for guidance.

I can't find my policy documents

If you need replacement policy documents you can get these by calling the office on 01328 857921.

I'm thinking of taking on some voluntary helpers. Do I need Employers Liability?

Yes, it is a legal requirement that you have Employers’ Liability to cover them in case they are injured. Even if somebody is not an official employee, they could still sue you if they suffer an injury whilst working under your instruction.

Can my friends help me?

Yes they can, however, it is a legal requirement to have Employers’ Liability cover in case they are injured. Even if somebody is a voluntary helper and not being paid, they could still sue you if they were injured whilst helping you.

Can my family or friends make changes to my policy?

No - unless you have given us written permission to state that named people have authority to do so.

My policy has lapsed, what should I do?

Should you wish to continue to insure with Cliverton please contact the office on 01328 857921, in some cases we are able to provide a 7 day period of grace. Meaning that you will still be able to renew your policy up to 7 days after the renewal date, for all other types of policies and where your policy finished more than 7 days ago a new quote would be required.

Does my policy automatically renew?

No, this type of insurance policy does not automatically renew as a declaration has to be completed with up to date information regarding your activities. This can be done either by calling the office or returning the renewal declaration which would have been sent to you with your renewal pack.